Sautéed shrimp
Tiger shrimp, shallots, pepperoni peppers, celery, tomato, garlic

10 shrimp / 48,- pln

Beef sashimi
Marinated beef, oranges, roasted bacon, greens, cheese, anchovy sauce

160g / 34,- pln

Beef tartar
Beef tenderloin, marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber, onion, mustard, quail egg, anchovy filets

160g 35,-pln

Marinated herring, mustard seed and apple puree, pickled beets, cranberries, mustard dressing

160g 22,-pln

Ox tongue
Ox tongue, beet and horseradish mousse, dumplings, greens, shallots, pickled parsley, lime and garlic foam

160g 25,-pln

Blue mussels, garlic, parsley, coconut milk, red curry, tomatoes

500g 32,-pln

Fresh Dutch oysters II – raw or baked

1 oyster 10,-pln
* ask the staff about availability


Sorrel soup
Sorrel, potato puree, quail egg, cheese, sour cream, fresh herbs

250ml 18,-pln

Cold soup
Yogurt, buttermilk, avocado, cucumber, sweet peas, radish, roasted seeds, lime and garlic foam, fresh herbs

250ml 18,-pln

Spicy fish soup
Fish fillets, seafood, coconut milk, lemon grass, red curry, lychee, tomato confit, coriander

250ml 18,-pln

Sour rye soup
Soured rye flour, potato puree, bacon chips, boletus and chantarelle mushroom, quail egg, sour cream, roasted garlic flakes

250ml 18,-pln

Beef salad
Marinated beef tenderloin, greens, pear, radish, pickled parsley, asparagus, amaranth, Antonovka apple and parsley dressing

250g 36,-pln

Chicken salad
Chicken breast, greens, pickled courgette, pickled carrot, beet, sweet peas, celery chips, tomatoes, parsley vinaigrette

250g 34,-pln

Vegetarian salad
Radicchio, cheese, cashews, grapes, black cumin, green Antonovka apple vinaigrette

250g 34,-pln

Vegan salad
Crunchy greens, carrot chips, celery, tomatoes, asparagus, pickled courgette, pickled carrot, millet, parsley and honey vinaigrette

250g 32,-pln


Giant squid
Grilled squid, carrot, pumpkin and coriander puree, pickled courgette salad, sweet peas, chimichurri sauce, wasabi foam

200g/160g 34,-pln

Baked cod
Cod tenderloin, parsley crust, vegetable ragout, tomatoes, apple and lime mousse

180g/180g 49,-pln

Pan-fried catfish
Catfish fillet, spinach, potatoes confit, boletus mushroom, pickled parsley, garlic, rosemary

180g/180g 49,-pln

Baked flounder
Flounder, sea beans, carrot, courgette, celery, parsley, lime, salted butter

200g/160g 31,-pln

Gilt-head bream*
Gilt- head bream from the oven, chimichurri sauce, pickled vegetable salad

100g of fish 14,-pln

*ask your waiter for sides



Grilled bone-in pork cutlet
Pork cutlet, apple and parsley puree, young potatoes, cauliflower, brown butter, powdered buttermilk

180g/180g 39,-pln

Grilled duck breast
Duck breast, pumpkin and orange mousse, pickled carrot, dumpling, sour cherry salsa, marinated ginger

160g/200g 42,-pln

Sautéed quail
Quail, broccoli puree, parsley, quinoa, fava beans, caramelised plum, green pea and jalapeño emulsion

180g/180g 49,-pln

Pot roasted goose gizzards
Goose gizzards, black lentils, green peas, apple and colourful pepper mouse, pomegranate demi-glace

180g/180g 35,-pln

Wild boar – tenderloin
Wild boar tenderloin, dumpling, fried cauliflower, marinated sea beans, bacon crumble, cranberry sauce

180g/180g 59,-pln

Beef tenderloin, Foie Gras, brown butter, boletus, chantarelle mushroom, pickled beet, rosemary carrot puree

200**g/100g 79,-pln

Seasoned entrecôteherb butter, pepper sauce, pickled vegetables salad

250**g/100g 69,-pln

*ask your waiter for sides
**weight of the steak depends on cooking time

Vegetarian dishes

Black lentils, green peas, celery, dried tomatoes, spinach, boletus mushroom, celery chips

300g 34,-pln

Chickpea hummus, crunchy greens, grilled vegetables, carrot chips, asparagus, toasted sesame, lime and parsley vinaigrette

300g 34,-pln



Boiled potatoes 200g 8,-pln
Fried potatoes 200g 8,-pln
Chips 160g 8,-pln
Mixed greens 140g 8,-pln
Dumpling 120g 8,-pln
Quinoa 120g 8,-pln
Black lentils 120g 8,-pln


Mille Feuile
Chocolate flakes, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, raspberry sorbet, powdered white chocolate

160g 19,-pln

Pistachio parfait, mango foam, caramel ice cream

160g 19,-pln

Cheesecake with white chocolate, gooseberry caramelised in red wine, vanilla sauce

160g 19,-pln

Caramelised plum
Plum, brown sugar, white wine, colourful pepper, marinated ginger, vanilla ice cream

160g 19,-pln

Ice cream
Selection of ice cream with fresh fruit

160g 19,-pln